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String Banner Flags (20 Pieces)

String Banner Flags (20 Pieces)

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⭐ Size: Our string banner flags are conveniently sized at 6 x 8 inches (14 x 21 cm), making them perfect for indoor and outdoor displays, adding a vibrant touch to any setting

⭐ Material: Crafted with durable polyester, our string banner flags are built to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring their resilience and vibrant display even when exposed to sunlight and adverse weather

⭐ Design-type: Featuring a double-sided design, our string banner flags ensure visibility from both sides, making them an ideal choice for adding a lively touch to celebrations, parades, and events

⭐ Finishing: Our string banner flags boast an enhanced weatherproof and UV-resistant glossy coating, ensuring their longevity and vibrant appearance over time, providing protection against fading, and maintaining a striking display even in varying weather conditions

⭐ Usage: Versatile and dynamic, our string banner flags are suitable for a wide range of occasions, including outdoor and indoor displays, cultural celebrations, parades, and community events, adding a colorful and festive touch to any setting

⭐ String Banner Compatibility: Specifically designed for easy attachment to string banners, our string banner flags offer a hassle-free way to create captivating displays, seamlessly incorporating them into your decorative arrangements and thematic designs

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