Who We Are - Project Palestine


Project Palestine is an organization dedicated to providing aid to those who are suffering in Palestine as atrocities continue to be committed against the Palestinian people. Beyond being an organization, we are a collective of impassioned individuals deeply committed to advocating for the rights and liberation of Palestine. Rooted in the rich cultural heritage and patriotic spirit of Palestine, our team is composed of Palestinians and allies who have come together to amplify the voices of the oppressed and marginalized.

The Project Palestine Team

Based out of the United States, our team is composed of individuals who come from different parts of the world. Many of us come from countries that have gone through and continue to go through difficult conflicts. We understand first-hand what it is like to be in such situations. Given the rare opportunities to escape such horrible conditions ourselves, we want to give light and hope to those who are currently in such situations. First-hand experience of witnessing such atrocities, coupled with skills including business and humanitarian work, allows for a powerful and strong movement.

Mission Statement

Project Palestine is a global collective committed to alleviating the suffering in Palestine. Beyond aid, we amplify the voices of the oppressed, advocating for their rights and liberation. United by compassion and diverse backgrounds, our mission is to bring hope to those facing atrocities, illuminating the path to resilience and justice.


Our Work: What We Do


Through the sales of our products, we are able to donate profits to our partners and organizations that are on the ground in Palestine, who directly provide aid to Palestinian civilians, with a focus on Gaza. Aid includes food, water, shelter and many more essentials. Our products are made by Palestinian families who work very hard to create and deliver high quality products, which further helps represent Palestine.


The products that we sell are more than just products, they are tangible expressions of unwavering support for the Palestinian struggle for justice, freedom and rights. We carry a wide range of Palestinian products, including the iconic Kuffiya Scarf, Clothing, Jewelry, Flags, Accessories and Posters.


Through the utilization of our social media channels, we deliver news daily on what is happening on the ground in Palestine, especially in Gaza. We understand that there are a lot of false narratives on mainstream media that are used to push a certain agenda. This is why we choose to speak up and deliver the truth, even if it means that it comes at the risk of being censored.


Our Work: How We Do It

Aid Delivery

Our partners and the organizations that we donate to, mainly the IRUSA (Islamic Relief of USA) currently, are based in and originally from Palestine. Being on the ground in Palestine for decades, these partners and organizations are able to use donations to purchase from local businesses and provide aid directly to fellow Palestinian civilians. Furthermore, contributing to the livelihood of civilians while simultaneously bettering the local economy.

News Channels

The information and media that we provide is sourced directly from those on the ground in Palestine, including journalists, news channels and civilians. This way, we are able to consistently provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Our Work: Why We Do It

Philanthropy and Gratitude

Coming from similar parts of the world, including Palestine itself, our team understands first-hand what it is like to suffer and live under the rule of oppressive, cruel political leadership. Now being in a position in which we are able to live more normal lives, we feel that it is an obligation to help those who currently live in such horrific situations. Nobody should witness the crimes that we have witnessed, that those in Palestine are witnessing as you read this. The least we can do is show our gratitude and help those gravely in need.


Our products serve not only as high quality goods, but also as a representation of the never-ending spirit of the Palestinian people. While donations are directly contributed to those who need it most, we are simultaneously able to represent the people of Palestine, to show the world that the Palestinian spirit will never die.