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Palestine Solidarity Pins (10 Pieces)

Palestine Solidarity Pins (10 Pieces)

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Introducing our Palestine Solidarity Pins, a collection of powerful designs that allow you to express your unwavering support for justice and unity. With three distinctive designs – Ribbon, Fist, and Free Palestine Fist – this set of 10 pieces offers versatility and a chance to make a bold statement. Here's what makes these solidarity pins special:

⭐ Multiple Designs: Choose from three impactful designs, each carrying a unique message of solidarity – Ribbon, Fist, and Free Palestine Fist. Whether you choose Ribbon, Fist, and/or Free Palestine Fist, each design encapsulates the spirit of unity, justice, and freedom. Let these pins be a symbol of your commitment to the Palestinian cause.

⭐ Size: The compact yet impactful size of 19x16 mm ensures that these pins can be worn with ease on clothing, accessories, or even as a subtle addition to your belongings.

⭐ Material: Crafted from a combination of durable iron and adorned with brass plating, these pins not only carry a powerful message but are also built to withstand everyday wear. The quality materials ensure longevity and resilience.

⭐ Quantity: Each order includes 10 pieces of our Palestine Pins, making them ideal for sharing with friends, family, or fellow advocates. Wear them together or distribute them to amplify the message of solidarity.

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