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Large Flag

Large Flag

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⭐ Sizes: Our Palestinian flag is available in two sizes: 3 x 5 ft (90 x 150 cm) for bold displays that make a striking statement, and 2 x 3 ft (60 x 90 cm) for versatile placements indoors or for smaller-scale outdoor displays, offering flexibility in showcasing your support and solidarity

⭐ Material: Crafted from durable polyester, our Palestinian flag withstands various weather conditions, ensuring resilience and vibrant colors even when exposed to sunlight, wind, or rain

⭐ Design-type: Featuring a double-sided design, our flag ensures maximum visibility from all angles, making it an ideal choice for dynamic displays during parades, festivals, or community gatherings

⭐ Finishing: Our flag boasts a weatherproof and UV-resistance glossy coating, ensuring longevity and vibrant appearance, with added protection against fading for long-term use

⭐ Usage: Perfect for a wide range of occasions, our Palestinian flag serves as a powerful symbol of unity and resilience, making a significant statement wherever it's displayed during indoor and outdoor displays, cultural celebrations, parades, and community events

⭐ Pole Compatibility: Equipped with brass grommets, our Palestinian flag offers easy and convenient mounting options on flagpoles or walls, ensuring hassle-free installation and flexible display methods, be it handheld displays or prominent wall mounting

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